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We Are Locally Crafted Food Serving The Area Since 2006.

Mama Roe has owned and operated Georgina’s Restaurant and Pizzeria since it opened in 2006. Now she has taken her recipes and started a new subsidiary called Mama Roe’s Italian Specialties. If you love the food at the restaurant, you’re going to love these products to take and cook at home. It’s fast, easy, and most of all, delicious!

Mama Roe

Our Food

Quality Ingredients Make Tasty Meals

We use only the freshest ingredients. Our sauces are made fresh regularly and then sealed and frozen in easy boil-in-bag pouches.

Marinara Sauce

Mama Roe's signature sauce that started it all.

Pint or Quart

Vodka Sauce

Made from our Marinara Sauce with fresh cream, Prosciutto, onions and Italian seasonings.

Pint or Quart

Balsamic Dressing

Our signature house dressing made with Balsamic vinegar, soy oil, red bell peppers, sugar, salt, garlic, onions, natural flavors and preservatives.


Sweet Italian Sausage

Made from ground pork and Italian seasonings.

Uncooked or Pre-Cooked

Homemade Meatballs

Our handmade meatballs ready for heating and joining your favorite pasta.

Half Dozen or Dozen

Good Food | Good Wine | Good Company

Wednesdays Mean

All Day Happy Hour!

Half Priced Bottles of Wine at the Restaurant or to Take Home with Your Favorite Products.

That's right... if you come into Georgina's restaurant to purchase your Mama Roe's products, you can buy wine or beer from the restaurant and it's available to go. And every Wednesday is Wine Wednesday with 50% off every single bottle of wine.

Happy Customers!

"My wife travels a lot for work. She stocked up the freezer with some of your sauces because she knows I hate to cook. I had your sauce with penne and loved that I didn't have to do much more than boil water. Anything that simple and that good is aces in my book!"

- Bruce W.

"Bought some of your vodka sauce and dinner that night was so easy. The whole family loved it and we think it is the best vodka sauce we've ever had."

- Linda and Greg R/.

"I used to make my own marinara from my Grandmother's recipe, but your marinara sauce tastes so much like my grandmother's that I stopped making it myself!"

- Denise A.

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